About Us

We’re the UXR Collective, and we want to see UX Research grow.

The UXR Collective is a small team of people who believe that research practitioners have a critical role to play in the development of all new experiences and technologies.

The field of UX Research is growing at an extraordinary pace. More and more people are looking to transition into research roles and even senior leaders themselves are eager to learn the basics. Not only are the numbers of researchers ballooning, the research practice itself is changing with new tools, technologies, and research challenges. Every year the practice changes, but who are the people deciding what that change is?

We believe for the field to grow in a robust and healthy way, actual research practitioners - not the old-guard, not the big names on Twitter, and certainly not the high-profile consultants - must be the ones defining that growth.

That’s why the UXR Collective is committed to finding talented researchers doing field-changing work, wherever in the world they may be, and providing them with a platform to share their knowledge with everyone.


So, what do we do?

Good question.

  • #UXRConf. Our annual conference with world class research content from global leaders.
  • Rise and Research. Our monthly morning hangout for researchers in the Toronto area to get together and share their stories.
  • Intro to UX Research. An annual ten week course we put on in Toronto for the cost of a new Ikea bookshelf.
  • The UXR Newsletter. A monthly collection of the latest great research reads, jobs, and more.
  • UXR Collective Slack. An online community for research practitioners to ask questions, share jobs, and connect.
  • UXR Collective YouTube channel. We professionally record every talk from #UXRConfs past and share them on our channel.
  • The UXR Podcast, featuring researchers from top companies around the world.

Our Team


Alec Levin

Co-Founder, CEO


Emily MacGowan

UXRConf Anywhere Speaker Lead


Eve Aphayboun

Director of Growth


Jane Crout

UXRConf Anywhere Attendee Lead


Kyle Osborne

User Experience Researcher


Maggi Mitchell

Co-Founder, COO


Rebecca Levin

Operations Lead


Samira Matan

UXRConf Anywhere Partnerships Lead

Get In Touch

Looking to make an impact on the research community? Have a cool project you need help with? Just want to get involved in some way? Email us at [email protected]