For #UXRConf 2019, we had 34 speakers from 3 continents join us to share their knowledge.

#UXRConf speakers have a strong connection to their talks, sharing their techniques, reflections, and insights through the narratives they tell.


Relive The #UXRConf 2019 Talks

Watch our past speakers take the stage.

Past Speakers


Jing Jing Tan

Senior UX Researcher



Ovetta Sampson

Creative Director



Ariel Sim

Director of Design Anthropology

MaRS Discovery District


Vivianne Castillo

Senior Design Researcher



Kristina Rostorotsky

Senior Product Designer

Loblaw Digital


Monal Chokshi

Head of UX Research



Nanako Era

Experience Researcher



Michael Massimi

Staff Researcher



Noam Segal

Director of User Research


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“Speaking at #UXRConf 2019 will always be one of the most special and memorable experiences in my career. This is much more than a conference... It's a community, our research community - and I'm honored to be a part of it, alongside such talented and unique individuals. I can't wait to see what's next, and I'll be there to find out - I hope to see you there too!"

- Noam Segal, Director of User Research, Wealthfront

"As a speaker, I've never been treated better by any conference organizers. I knew exactly what to expect, at all times, and was regularly checked in on by the UXRC team. They care about the industry and the event - and it shows in everything they do."

- Behzod Sirjani, Head of Research and Analytics Operations, Sr. Researcher, Slack

“#UXRConf is hands down my favorite conference that I get to attend each year! I love how they showcase new voices with great ideas in the industry and how far the conference organizers go to build a sense of community and belonging among conference attendees. I always leave #UXRConf feeling challenged, inspired, and reminded why I fell in love with this profession."

- Vivianne Castillo, Sr. Design Researcher and Innovation Consultant, Salesforce

“One of the most fun, focused, and organised conferences I've ever been to (and presented at)! The team who organise UXRC are super-organised and -inspiring and seem to bring passion, thoughtfulness and humour to everything they do. I'm excited to see how UXR develops - Toronto researchers, you're lucky to have the crew you do.”

- Kate Towsey, Research Operations Manager, Atlassian

“#UXRConf is a blast! You will grow in the ecosystem of researchers who are pushing boundaries in their practice. The staff are incredibly organized and supportive throughout the process. It continues to be the conference I look forward to each year!”

- Jing Jing Tan, Sr. UX Researcher, Uber

Become a Speaker

Our Speaker Application Form is Now Closed. All applicants will hear back from a member of our team by end of day on Friday, November 29, 2019.


Who Speaks at #UXRConf?

The #UXRConf brings in an audience from all over the world who care about advancing the UX Research practice and building their skills. If you’ve got a talk that is inspiring, thought provoking, or will help them advance their practice, you should speak at #UXRConf.

We strongly encourage applicants from underrepresented/marginalized groups to apply to speak at the #UXRConf. As a group, we recognize the decades of research that have proven that socially diverse groups are more innovative than homogenous groups and that it is our responsibility to amplify voices that have been traditionally marginalized both in our community and in our society. UXRC will prioritize curating a diverse and representative lineup for this conference and future events. Underrepresented/marginalized groups include but are not limited to: those affected by race inequality, gender inequality, age inequality, disability/chronic illness, mental illness, neurodiversity, economic inequality, poverty, and/or religious bigotry.

All accepted speakers will receive:

  • a Thursday Track and Friday Main Stage conference ticket
  • an exclusive invite to a meet and greet event with fellow speakers and the UX Research Collective team
  • a professional recording of their talk
  • an honorarium of $500 CAD for a Thursday Track talk or $1,000 CAD for a Friday Main Stage talk

Accepted speakers living outside of Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), will be provided with a stipend of $2,500 CAD for travel costs. This will cover approximately $1,000 CAD for round trip flights and $1,500 CAD for three nights accommodation.

We want everyone to feel engaged with talks at any UXR Collective event, from our audience to our speakers. As an accepted speaker, our team will work with you to develop your content leading up to your presentation. This will include content check-ins, and public speaking coaching.

If this doesn’t interest you, speaking at the #UXRConf is not the right opportunity for you.

How to Apply

Our Speaker Application Form is Now Closed. All applicants will hear back from a member of our team by end of day on Friday, November 29, 2019.

Your Pitch

On the speaker application form, you’ll have to categorize your talk as either practical or thought provoking, and whether you’d like to present at a research track on Thursday, June 4, 2020 or on the Main Stage on Friday, June 5, 2020.

For #UXRConf 2020, we are looking to book 70% to 80% practical talks, with the rest as thought provoking talks.

If you choose to submit a proposal for a research track, your talk must have content that fits the theme of the track and is relevant to the track audience. Please keep this in mind as you draft your pitch.


Practical Talks

Practical talks teach attendees something new that they can use on their first day back at work after the conference.

Words and phrases that could be associated with a practical talk include: in the weeds, actionable takeaways, case studies, detailed, concrete examples, useful, tactical.

Words and phrases not typically associated with practical talks include: general, high level, surface content, telling a story.

For a great example of a practical talk, please review our previous speakers talks: Michael Massimi and Christina Janzer, Nicole Hill and Ling Hu, and Jing Jing Tan.

Thought-Provoking Talks

Thought provoking talks leave attendees challenging norms or feeling inspired.


Words that could be associated with a thought-provoking talk include: new or surprising content, challenging, mind blowing, controversial, changing perceptions, inspirational, broadening the mind.

For a great example of a thought provoking talk, please review our previous speakers talks: Noam Segal, and Matt Gallivan.

Whichever talk you want to give, whether you’re an experienced speaker or this is your first speaker application, whether it’s thought provoking or practical, let it be one that you’d want to attend if you were in the audience.

Our Speaker Application Form is Now Closed.

After you Apply

Our Speaker Application Form is Now Closed. All applicants will hear back from a member of our team by end of day on Friday, November 29, 2019.