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Leading for Grit – Coaching the Researchers of Tomorrow

Product organizations are in constant sprint-mode, working to unlock the next best innovation. UXR plays a crucial role in uncovering new opportunities, but our roles will not be easy. The challenges before us are complex and great. How can we enable our research teams to run towards uncertainty and embrace demanding circumstances? In this talk, Emma van Emmerik will share how unlocking grit in your team will enable them to tackle the uncertainties of tomorrow with passion and ingenuity. Drawing on her experience as an endurance athlete, Emma will share the following three key lessons to help you and your team “train for success”: catalyze constant adaptation, embrace pressure as a privilege, and label risks as curiosity so you take them more often.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
1:40 pm-2:00 pm
20:00 Minutes
Into the Wild! Surviving Research Where Few GoInto the Wild! Surviving Research Where Few GoHead of Experience
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