Headshot of Loi Goulet. She has a light skin tone, cropped brown hair, and wears a royal blue shirt.
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Choosing Your Flavor of Research Leadership

Clarity on UX research leadership paths is hard to come by. It’s difficult to know what leadership roles entail—the responsibilities, day-to-activities, opportunities, and challenges—until you’re actually in those roles. In this talk, Loi will compare the three primary UX research leadership paths: Individual Contributor, People Manager, and Hybrid. Ultimately, equipping researchers with the knowledge needed to identify the right path for them, and the steps they can take today—at any stage in their career—to build towards these leadership positions.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
11:10 am-11:45 am
35:00 Minutes
Building The Future of Work Using UXR SkillsBuilding The Future of Work Using UXR SkillsSenior Employee Experience Researcher, Lead, Talent Research and Insights
Cybersecurity UXR: Complex Applications and Expert UsersCybersecurity UXR: Complex Applications and Expert UsersIndependent Researcher
Head of User Research
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