Headshots of Taylor Kim and Lisa Madokoro, plus copies of each headshot arranged in a two by two grid.
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Building The Future of Work Using UXR Skills

As researchers, we are well versed in using research to build better products. What would happen if we used research to build better work places? Members of Shopify’s Employee Experience Research (EXR) team will share how the team came to be, speak to the similarities and differences between EXR and UXR, and illustrate how they directly help build Shopify’s environment today, and in anticipation of the future world of work, through a case study. The audience will take away how UXR skills can be translated to have impact in other disciplines, outside of digital products.

Thursday, February 25, 2021
2:45 pm-3:20 pm
35:00 Minutes
Break — Magic Show!
Choosing Your Flavor of Research LeadershipChoosing Your Flavor of Research LeadershipHead of User Research
Headshot of Taylor Kim. She has a medium-light skin tone, short straight dark hair, and is wearing a gray sweater.
Senior Employee Experience Researcher
Headshot of Lisa Madokoro. She has a medium-light skin tone, straight dark hair, and is wearing a polka shirt.
Lead, Talent Research and Insights